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  • Meredith Michaels

OBSESSED: "Heads Will Roll" - Amazon Audible Original

So...if you know me, you know I am ALLERGIC to reading! I also work in the audio business so when it comes to consuming podcasts, music, or audio books...I'm all EARS :)

Anyway.... I have used Amazon Audible to listen to audio books for a couple of years now. I recently purchased my first ever Audible Original Series......and I LOVED IT! This is less of an audio book and more of a 10 episode SHOW. "Heads Will Roll" is a star-studded comedic journey set in medieval times but FULL of modern day satire. Kate McKinnon (SNL) and her real-life sister, Emily Lynne, created this project and I can't get enough of it.

True story: A woman clutched her purse and crossed the street because I was laughing out loud in public so hard!

PROS: Very easy to listen to....light, funny, you don't have to completely stop what you're doing to enjoy it. Star-studded: Meryl Streep, Peter Dinklage, Queer Eye's Fab 5, and a LIST of other celebs appear in your ears. SO. GOOD. The episodes are quick so you can take breaks....OR just binge it like I did (the first time!) If you like Game of Thrones (GoT) or SNL this is FOR YOU!

CONS: If you don't like the occasional profanity or you tend to be offended easily.....you may want to skip this. If you are looking for a deep storyline or Shakespearean experience, skip it.

The image below is a direct link to "Heads Will Roll". If you are an Audible member you only use credits NOT cash so check it out! You can also do a FREE Trial (with 2 Audio Books) and use those credits on this too! WORTH IT! Check it out!

Straight to "Heads Will Roll" - You can listen to a sample here too! ⬇️


ALSO: I am an amazon affiliate which means I get some $$ from purchases at no cost to you! But "Heads Will Roll" is so funny I don't care if I see a dime from this. I would tell everybody anyway!

Love you guys! Thanks for stopping by meredithonmic.com!