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  • Meredith Michaels

Podcast Episode 2: Snow's "Informer", Jim Carrey's Parody "Imposter", Caboodles and More.

In Episode 2, I dig in to Snow's "Informer" from 1992. I asked friends on Instagram to tell me what song pops in their mind when they think of '90s music. When my friend, Darren, suggested "Informer", I couldn't resist! I LOVED that song. I have an affinity for reggae and this was a cross-over hit that was EVERYWHERE in '92. This also sparked memories of an In Living Color skit with Jim Carrey and a current hit featuring a sample from Snow. This lead to more conversations on social media that took us down memory lane with Caboodles, perfumes and more. Give it a listen....

Let me know what songs YOU loved in the '90s.

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