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  • Meredith Michaels

Why I love radio..and it's the best day job in the world

In September 2017, I joined the best morning show in the world, Jones & Company, on 107.9 WSRZ. We are based out of Sarasota, FL but can be heard all over the world on iHeartRadio. I still cannot believe that I was selected to be on-air with THE creative genius, David Jones, and multi-talented and extremely funny, Billy Jack (Justin). It is an honor and a blessing to work with these two each morning. We are on-air LIVE, weekdays from 6a-10a. There's no one else I'd rather see at 5am than the boys of JoCo Show! :) Not only can you stream us live on iHeartRadio but you can listen to our show podcast and follow us on Facebook.

Radio is THE best.....we are the happy place medium....your companion in the car with you on your solo commute to work....and your best friend during emergencies when news sources like TV are down. Radio delivers such a unique experience....with theatre of the mind, you can dream up your own images while we provide the soundtrack. On-air personalities are like FRIENDS to their listeners. With social media we are now more visual than ever, BUT the power of sound is still what we do best.

Unless you tune in to talk radio or news shows, we are your source for FUN and information. We stay away from politics, murders, and other topics you are bombarded with EVERYWHERE ELSE. Radio is free. Ubiquitous. Fun. Dependable. Radio has been around forever and isn't going anywhere! We are your loyal companion....and we LOVE YOU for listening.

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